HOTSHOE: How did you become interested in Photography?

Sam Hiscox: I have been compelled to take pictures from an early age. As a youngster I was intrigued by cameras, I had an instinctive impulse to take pictures using my parent’s holiday point and shoot whenever I could get my hands on it. My interest was born from my fascination with the ability to document experiences and have them transformed into memories. Later the printed photographs served as momentos that enabled me to revisit times, places, emotions and thoughts from the past.

HOTSHOE: How would you describe the character of London?

SH: Being home to 8.6 million inhabitants with such a diverse array of cultures, ideas and personalities I can only think of London as a functioning psychopath with multiple personality disorder, which affects everyone living here. However, on the whole London is a very progressive city. I believe it is a forward thinking city of the future regarding acceptance, embracing new technology, new ideas and adapting to

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