What is it that causes some of us to collect, to hoard, to bring objects that we love into our lives and keep hold of them? Gregory Barker spoke at length to New York based collector, William Hunt about his compulsion to collect beautiful, heart-stopping photographs.

GB: Gregory Barker 

WMH: W.M. Hunt

GB: Has collecting always been in your blood? Did you collect cigarette cards or matchbox cars as a child? 

WMH: I collected records, theatre programmes, books, I’ve always just been a paper whore. We are renovating and I have boxes full of books, there are probably 3500 books and I don’t know how to handle them, it’s overwhelming. I know if you have the collecting thing, if you talk to someone who doesn’t have it, they think you’re nuts. They just don’t have any support for you as a human being! But if you collect, if you meet another real collector,

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