There are claims that Indian cave paintings going back 10,000 years depict UFOs and aliens. Such is the fascination of sighting and recording something that might have no logical explanation, illustrating UFOs has been a growth industry ever since. So-called Unidentified Flying Objects have been photographed for almost as long as there have been cameras. In 1870, a UFO was photographed from the summit of Mount Washington, in New Hampshire. Others claim that the first credible UFO photo was taken in 1883 by the Mexican astronomer, José Bonilla, although controversy reigned almost immediately as various theories were propounded that the mark on the collodion plates could be a flock of animals or perhaps a comet breaking up. 

In fact, whereas even a few years ago, photographic “evidence” of a UFO might have warranted a few minutes on prime time television news or even spawned a TV documentary, since the

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