Speaking of Scars – Teresa Eng

Teresa Eng created Speaking of Scars from work made both before and after suffering a traumatic event. As an object, the book is achingly beautiful – quiet images in milky hues are arranged across the pages and pasted above one another to conceal and reveal different photographs, metaphors for open and hidden wounds. There is a gentle repetition of images and forms that echoe the essence of healing – reiterating the routines and patterns one falls into in order to regain control over one’s own life. The very best photo books are those that are able to move something within you, and Speaking of Scars is a wonderful example of this rare accomplishment. At the very end of the book, the window of a dark room lifts away from the scene beyond it, leaving just an open, shimmering ocean.

£32 / 64pp / Oct 2012
ISBN: 9780957404106

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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