Letters from Utopia – Daan Paans

Letters from Utopia is a sprawling visual research project. It is a captivating look at a part of society desperately searching for immortality. Daan Paans takes us into the world of 5 different movements and their most important members, all looking for their own unique form of utopian life. From Cross-Correspondence, a group searching for contact with those already in an afterlife, to the Cryonicists, whose members are frozen after death in the hope of later revival and the Aumists, a polytheistic community with a once supposedly immortal leader, we are shown, and described, a bizarre world in which the stretch towards a life in perpetuity or another life completely, becomes all consuming within this one. The text and constant, unobtrusive visual style that Paans provides combine to give us a varied and highly engaging project. 

The Eriskay Connection 

£17 / 160pp / Aug 2013 

ISBN: 9789081838467

Reviewed by Matthew Oxley
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