I Don't Warna Grow Up – Sean Vegezzi

I Don’t Warna Grow Up is an homage to youth and growing up in New York City by 22-year old Sean Vegezzi, who has photographed his friends for some years. Immortalising that universal point in youth where time seems simultaneously to stand still and go on forever, the photographs exude a certain restlessness – a united desire to have walked every tunnel, alleyway and rooftop – to have interacted with every part of the city. Compared to the Lost Boys in the remarkably touching accompanying text by Abeline Cohen (a close friend of the group), the boys are introduced to us as young boys and little terrors in equal measures; frantic and mischievous maybe, but gentle and curious at the same time. They flow through the book with an infectious lust for life and that most charming boyish vivaciousness that will undoubtedly remind us all of ourselves, or somebody we know.

Sean Vegezzi
I Don’t Warna Grow Up
£25 / 144pp / Sep 2012
ISBN: 9780957381001

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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