Patrick Willocq: On the road from Bikoro to Bokonda

On The Road From Bikoro to Bokonda is a surprising look at the everyday life of the Bantous and Pygmy Batwas villages in DR Congo. In his series Patrick Willocq – who grew up in DR Congo - stages the villagers and their possessions, creating various sets using their shacks as backgrounds. The series has  a theatrical feeling, the villagers are transformed into statues within their own homes. Throughout the series Willocq approaches different social topics, such as the role of men and woman in society, customs, education, religion, the relation between the villagers and nature etc.  

Beyond the cultural and social aspects of his work, what is perhaps most stricking, is the special connection Willocq seems to have with the village and its inhabitants, which allows him to plays around with his subjects. The result is a strange mix of documentary material transformed into mini fictions.

The project conveys a positive image of a community that is full of warmth and humor, and that perhaps contradicts the traditional western view of the Congo and the continent of Africa. 

Patrick Willocq was first selected for the Fêtard circulation contest in 2012, and more recently shown during LAGOS Photography Festival. 

— Alexia Villard
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