And the Road Seemed Endless

The road at times seemed endless, and at points no longer just foreign, but other worldly. I struck out across Bolivia from its third largest city, Cochabamba, which is often referred to as The Garden City, but I would call it base camp.

I crossed the Andes to the dizzying heights of Uyuni and Bolivia's national park, notably home to the Flamingo, and more strikingly the salt flats, which were like an endless white ocean framed by tides of cloud and blue. Here is where lies the largest Lithium deposit on earth. 

At Misque I worked with American medical teams bringing indigenous people care, the majority of people living in the mountains can barely get food and water never mind medication.

One of Bolivia's biggest problems is its water supply, nothing is treated and therefore all water is contaminated, I unfortunately had first hand experience of the bad bacteria, several days I just refer to as HELL. 

In The Garden City I spent much of my time working with Orphans from Ninos Con Valor. This orphanage creates a safe environment for children with HIV, and unaffected kids to live side by side. One of Bolivia's biggest issues is it's lack of knowledge regarding the virus and often when a child/person is found out to have it he is shunned by his community and even thrown out of school. 

— Charles Moriarty