Alex Cat: There Is No Sun Without Shadow

It is always hard to lose a friend or family member, but generally the death of a parent is felt as a far greater loss than most. The grieving process is something that differs for each of us, for Alex Catt it took him on a solitary journey to the Alps where his project, There Is No Sun Without Shadow, came to fruition as a personal response to the death of his father. Catt states that his reasoning for making the journey to the Alps was “to find meaning, to be alone.” 

His images are filled with a palpable sense of solitude. The stillness and muted tones of the landscapes heighten the feeling of isolation within the series, and the quiet nature of the portraits with sorrowful expression or a faceless self-portrait of Catt, reflects the emotional experience that he was facing.  
His journey ended unanswered with “only the chaos of life and the grandeur of nature” in his mind. There Is No Sun Without Shadow is a beautiful expression of sadness and the feelings we get with grief and like in most of his work, Catt links the initial subject back to and expresses it through the beauty of nature. The series finishes with a small collection of still-life images of a single plant in a rugged, canvas pot. This collection seems to reference his contemplation on cyclical life with the lonely plant seen standing tall in the initial picture and gradually wilting but then once again growing tall, almost coming back to life. 


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— Alia Smallwood Thomas