Cosmology has been a keen interest of civilisations past and present, a practice that extends to times before recorded history. The ancient man most probably looked up at the skies and asked probing questions about space and our origins, a theme that [...]

Visual artist Lucia Pizzani (, the joint winner of the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2014( along with filmmaker David Jackson, currently has a solo exhibition titled A Garden for Beatrix showing [...]


Japanese artist Fumiko Imano (b. 1974) studied Fine Art and then Fashion Styling and Photography in London in the late 90s. French fashion designer Charles Anastase was one of the first to recognise her work, commissioning her to shoot his campaigns [...]


Deciding which photography bookshops to visit on a trip to Tokyo is not easy – there are so many good ones. Japan has been at the forefront of photo book publishing for decades – and Japanese photographers have often worked with books, rather than [...]

All this week, in the run up to Room&Book which opens tonight at the ICA, its founder Lucy Moore takes us through some of its publications, events and more. 

The photographs in Ciarán Óg Arnold's new book have drawn comparisons with [...]


Over the next few days, in the run up to Room&Book at the ICA, its founder Lucy Moore takes us through some of its publications, events and more. For this first post, Lucy take a look at Bruno Zhu's Facsimile II, pictured here with Room&Book [...]


The ferocity and bleakness of war, is something that has drawn the attention of photographers almost since the invention of photography. One aspect that has remained largely unseen by the general public, however, is the practice arena for [...]


This week HOTSHOE will once again in residence at the London Art Fair - the UK’s premier Modern British and contemporary art Fair. The 27th edition of the Fair brings together over one hundred carefully selected galleries from the UK and overseas, [...]


Named after NASA's 'Near-Earth Object Program', Barry W Hughes' latest series 'NEOP' takes us on a challenging adventure through his often-sculptural investigations into the aesthetics of outer space. Rosie Gist spoke to Hughes [...]

Diorama Map Tokyo 2014, © Sohei Nishino, courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

In a new exhibition of his ongoing series, Diorama Maps, Sohei Nishino manually collates thousands of individual images photographed from around the cities of Berlin, [...]