London Art Fair Limited Edition Posters

If there is one thing that we like, its people who subscribe to HOTSHOE, especially when they do it in person! So as a special treat, we are giving a FREE limited edition risograph poster to everyone who subscribes to HOTSHOE at the London Art Fair from tomorrow until Sunday 19th! 

The posters include images by some of the amazing photographers who's work has graced the pages of HOTSHOE over the past year, including Andrew Miksys, Aaron McElroy, Mayumi Hosokura, Nicolai Howalt and Paul Salveson. 

The posters are strictly a limited edition and once we run out, thats it, so if we were you we would get our riot gear ready, and head to stand M9 in the Project Space of the London Art Fair as soon as you can! 

For more information on the London Art Fair click HERE

— Gregory Barker