Hungry Still

Photographing and documenting food has become a big deal in recent years with an explosion of people snapping away in restaurants with their phones to share on Twitter or Instagram or whatever else. With Hungry Still, however, this craze takes on a slightly different form in a much more poetic and deeply connected way. Doubling as both a photobook and a cookbook, this beautiful book from the charity Sideluck exquisitely connects the images and recipes that have arisen out of their many London events that incorporate slideshows from photographers and food. 

The book, created in partnership with FORMAT International Photography Festival and QUAD, features twenty-four of the most talented artists that have had the opportunity to contribute to Sideluck London since its inception in 2007, including Cristina de Middel, Aaron Schuman, Ian Teh and Rafael Arocha. Another photographer to appear is Pierfrancesco Celada, whose work from the series Japan, I Wish I Knew Your Name is featured along with anecdotes and a recipe from his trip. The work focuses upon the cultural shift that he experienced while visiting the country, and the sense of isolation of singularity that he subsequently felt. 

Pierfrancesco Celada, Japan, I Wish I Knew Your Name

During a brief visit to Japan I was soon fascinated by the isolation and loneliness I was feeling in the streets. It started as a personal journey, a foreigner traveling in an alien environment. Language and cultural differences were only augmenting this distance between the locals and me. However, while observing people, it was clear that even indigenous were not able to interact successfully. I felt attracted by this sense of isolation and I have decided to come back.

To find out Celada’s recipe for Instant Noodles Ramen and see other great ones by other photographers, you can pre-order the Hungry Still book by visiting their website

First edition copies of the book will be available to purchase at The Photographers Gallery on 15 May 2014. Details here.


Copyright © QUAD / FORMAT / SLIDELUCK London

The Curators: Maria Teresa Salvati, Federica Chiocchetti & Louise Clements

Designed & Printed by: AKINA FACTORY, Valentina Abenavoli & Alex Bocchetto 

Printed onto Fedrigoni Arcoprint Milk 120gsm 

Cover onto Sirio Color E20 Denim Black 290gsm

ISBN 978-0-9553538-8-8

212 pages

Price: £33 + Shipping costs


— James Brown & Chloe True