This Halloween we present to you the work of Alexander Binder - a self-taught photographer who for the past few years has been producing photographs of things that go bump in the night. 

Zak Dimitrov: Your images are incredibly atmospheric, [...]

Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine's hauntingly beautiful new book, A Perpetual Season, takes on a dreamlike journey through an undefinable city. Sadie Spring recently spoke with Pujade to find out more.

Sadie Spring: You describe A Perpetual Season as [...]


Miniclick curates a series of free, Brighton based photography talks, film making events, discussions and experimental events designed to explore new ways of looking at photography. Sadie Spring spoke to Jim Stephenson, founder of Miniclick, and co-curator [...]

The ongoing boom in the self-publishing market would appear to find a welcoming audience in Glasgow, a city whose contemporary arts scene has long been synonymous with a “do-it-yourself” approach.  Launched in the summer of 2013 by photographer [...]


The Civil War saw hundreds of thousands of Americans killed so it is somewhat strange to think why people would want to re-enact such an event, but the psychology behind it is an interesting one. American photographer, Eliot Dudik’s interest into [...]


It’s not often you talk to someone who has spent Christmas in a monastery with a group of Monks. American photographer Lee Towndrow moved to Argentina to find a different part of himself and a fresh way of working photographically. Alia Thomas caught [...]


The cognitive dissonance induced by the spectacle of images is laid bare to an un-nerving degree in Fala Urfali’s Dear Lebanon, whereby the Lebanese born, London based photographer juxtaposes mass-market tabloid photography with documentary images [...]

As founder and director of PhotoIreland and The Library Project, Ángel Luis Gonzalez has a lot on his plate. Alia Thomas talks to him about the PhotoIreland festival and what’s next. 

AT: Have you always had an interest in photography and image [...]

Katharine Cooper was born and raised in Africa, but as an African of European descent, she was part of the minority growing up. She talks to Alia Thomas about the significance of her series, “White Africans”, and touches upon the issues that are still [...]

David Campany is a writer, curator, artist and reader of photography at Westminster University. He has written extensively on Photography, Art and Cinema including books such as ‘Art and Photography’ (2003) and ‘The Open Road’: photographic [...]