Canon’s PIXMA Pro

Canon’s PIXMA Pro range of desktop sheet-fed photo printers, the PRO-10S, PRO-100S and flagship PRO-1 make it easy for serious photographers to choose from by sharing a number of common features for superior colour and mono prints. Each model adopts Canon’s proprietary FINE print head technology and advanced imaging processing and the same colour conversion engine, delivering stunning quality prints ranging in size from 10x15cm (6x4-inches) to A3+, and offer support for heavyweight media up to 14-inches wide using the manual feeder with exceptional productivity. 

Canon’s Optimum Image Generating (OIG) system analyses the photo colour and precisely calculates the optimum ink combination and volume of ink droplets, which are then accurately placed on the paper by Canon’s FINE print head with 12,288 nozzles.

The top-of the-range PRO-1, for example, can deliver a gallery quality A3+ print in less than 3 minutes. All three models are aided by powerful software with improved screen to print colour matching for an efficient workflow. Canon Digital Photo Professional software selects the appropriate ICC profile for Canon papers and a range from well-known makers. In addition it also enables users to create custom ICC profiles and the Ambient Light Correction option automatically corrects colour tones under various lighting sources for optimal output with a near limitless range of media that extends the printer’s commercial possibilities.  Each one can handle gloss, semi-gloss and matte papers as well as a wide range of fine art media and canvas.

There are, however, some key differences between the three models. Aimed at the enthusiast, the PRO-100S uses an 8-ink ChromoLife 100+ dye based system with three mono inks for rich and vibrant colours and stunning mono prints, while the PRO-10S and PRO-1 both use long-lasting and highly stable and permanent pigment Lucia inks. The PRO-10S adopts a 10-ink system, again with three mono inks for professional colour and mono prints that target the semi pro who wants gallery quality but not in volume.  

With its outstanding print quality, commercial scale and speed for enhanced productivity, the PRO-1 is unashamedly targeting the full-time professional. 

Canon’s flagship PRO-1 uses a state of the art 12-ink system for the ultimate in colour and mono print quality and permanence and with enhanced capacity cartridges it offers enhanced productivity. The PRO-1 delivers outstanding, eminently saleable archival quality images up to A3+ in less than 3 minutes.  

Like the PRO-10S model it has dedicated matte black ink for the deepest density blacks and flawless mono on a wide range of fine art media. It also adopts the same Chroma Optimizer for consistent glossiness and enhanced black density on high gloss and semi-gloss photo papers. The Chroma Optimizer regulates surface reflection by applying a coating on printed areas ensuring a uniform silky smooth finish while further improving black density. It also keeps colours looking realistic and expands the colour gamut. In addition the PRO-1 has light and dark grey inks for the most visually striking mono prints. 

Altogether the 12-ink pigment based system and Chroma Optimizer means the Canon PIXMA PRO-1 offers extensive media flexibility that ensures flawless prints that precisely match the professional photographer’s vision and narrative. 



A3+ colour and mono photo printers 

(13-inch, or up to 14-inch with manual feed slot)


12-ink LUCIA pigment based system

High-capacity ink cartridges

A3+ Photo in under 3-min

Outstanding print permanence


10-ink LUCIA pigment based system

A3+ Photo in 3-min 35 secs

Outstanding print permanence

Canon PIXMA PRO-100S

8-ink ChromaLife100+ dye based system

A3+ Photo in 1-min 30 secs

Support for Canon and specialist papers


— Kevin Carter
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