POV Female 4: Lisa King's Ghanzi

For the 4th installment of our series on Oodee’s POV Female: Johannesburg we take a closer look at Lisa King's Ghanzi.

Born in Zimbabwe and based in Johannesburg King’s work regularly involves long term documentary projects. In her latest series King has chosen to observe the town of Ghanzi and its changing community. It is a place that first interested King as a child following a short stay, and as an adult she returned to pursue this long held interest and unfold the towns history. 

Situated in the western part of Botswana’s Kalahari desert and with a population of approximately 15,000, the town of Ghanzi has been continually transformed throughout centuries. Originally a sacred homeland for the !Kung [sic] people, the area today is largely known for commercial farming. 

Ghanzi documents the areas agricultural fair, considered by the community as the towns largest annual event. The fair serves as a platform King to observe and capture the harmony of this unique community. Through the imagery King communicates the union of the varying San, Boer, British, Herero and Motswana cultures framed by the dusty backdrop of the Kalahari desert. King juxtaposes girls adorned in traditional African dress with playing youngsters of British settlers. The series of images is a celebration of a community thriving on the richness of numerous cultures that the area has welcomed over the years. 


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— Joanna Crawford
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