• The more I work in the auction world the more I realise that it is a complete anathema to many people – a bazaar world that offers glittering and tempting prizes in a vast seductive arena – all processes, shapes, sizes and price points. Daunting and intimidating possibly – exciting, mind blowing, and an opportunity to glean further knowledge and build relationships – definitely. Let’s push the headlines aside of the million-dollar works, which command incomprehensible figures, and step into a realm that can be extremely accessible, affordable and most importantly, rewarding. One of the most fascinating facts about coming to buy and view an auction is the enormous breadth (hopefully) of work. The goal for the Photographs Department at Phillips is to provide an exciting and [...]

  • In 1980, Larry Fink and his guide, a “gypo logger” named Dave McCardle, spent 3 months traversing the hillsides of Washington State “jumping over logs and sidestepping crevices and snakes” to create heroic images of loggers and scarred landscape, published for the first time in his recently published monograph, Opening the Sky. Aaron Schuman caught up with the highly influential American photographer. AS: Aaron SchumanLF: Larry FinkAS: How did you first get involved in photography?LF: Well, I came from interesting parents – they were cultured, they were Marxists, they were left-wing Americans, they were communists – so I was brought up with a tremendous amount of social concern, and with a good degree of culture. When I was a kid, they took me to the symphony, to jazz clubs, to [...]

  • Casper Sejersen is the photographer responsible for the stills campaign that accompanied Lars von Trier’s two-part film Nymphomaniac. Upon reading the film script he was so taken by its many layers of symbolism that he embarked on his own project in response. Collated as a continuous chain of peculiar collectables, the series has been released in book format, with the story’s protagonist Joe as its fictional author.CL: Chris LittleCS: Casper SejersenCL: Broadly speaking you have described your work as sitting within a triangle of fashion, art and commercial photography. What is it about these different areas that keeps you interested?CS: To begin with I fell in love with the craftsmanship side of photography. I was fascinated with all the different techniques, light sources, even how cameras had their own [...]

  • Nearly half a century after the Factory closed, with the sheen of its silver doors still gleaming in our collective consciousness, Gregory Barker spoke to Billy Name of Factory fame about why it still captivates us. Gregory Barker: How was it that you first got mixed up with Andy Warhol? Billy Name: About 1960 I was working as a waiter at Serendipity 3, a boutique coffee shop on the Upper East Side. Andy used to come in every afternoon and he would sit at a big table often by himself with his drawings spread out. I remember him with his ink drawing at the table for an hour or two and maybe eating something while he did it.GB: You were responsible for the “Silverizing” of the Factory, could you talk me through [...]
    This autumn sees the return of Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair, bringing the best of international photography and publishing to the Westergasfabriek from 18 to 20 September for the fourth year running. This time the programme is bound to be bigger, louder and brighter as the Fair merges with another event, Unseen Festival, transforming the city into a platform for urban intervention from 18 to 27 September. Watch Foam Talent Winners team up with the Staatsliedenbuurt neighbourhood residents, Prinsengracht old hospital turn into an installation art venue and former Citroën Garage into an exhibition space. The Photo Fair, with a focus on undiscovered, unknown and unseen work presented by photographers, publishers and galleries will feature the already loved Unseen Book Market, The Unseen Collection and The Unseen Living Room. Following last [...]
  • Cosmology has been a keen interest of civilisations past and present, a practice that extends to times before recorded history. The ancient man most probably looked up at the skies and asked probing questions about space and our origins, a theme that still captivates us today, and where answers have not been found we’ve often resorted to using our imagination.This follows the line of thought Alexandra Lethbridge takes when addressing space in her self-published photobook The Meteorite Hunter. She describes the work as an archive of a search for meteorites and the places they come from, a work based on the impulse to search for evidence of lunar visitors within our everyday landscape. Arran Milne recently corresponded with Alexandra Lethbridge to discuss how she approaches the subject of space in [...]